Back in the saddle


On Tuesday 17th January, a scaffolding lorry took me out on the M5. I was travelling in lane 1, in the roadworks near Bromsgrove, at 50mph and the lorry was in lane 2. We were travelling at pretty much the same speed when he moved into lane 1. Errrm, HELLO….I am here! He clearly couldn’t […]

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When it feels right, do it.


I am about to take a leap, quite a massive one from my perspective, into an industry I don’t yet know. There has always been self-doubt, it will never go away, no matter how much I am assured, encouraged or supported. Doubt about me, my ability, my potential and my capacity to understand will always […]

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I hate running but, in doing so, I may save a life.


For the wonderful readers of my blog last year, you will know just how much I pushed myself to give back to others, raise awareness and money for much needed causes whilst cracking my first full year as a freelance consultant. It was all going on. I am so very proud of all I achieved […]

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Full Hearted – My 2016 #Adventblog contribution

In 2015 I achieved my career dream. After 20+ years of working my arse off, I had reached the heady heights of the position I coveted most. I had so many expectations of how it would be, how I would feel; all of them wrong. How could this be? Everyone I knew who did a […]

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Innovation and Me


I would love to share with you why and how I do what I do that led to such a fantastic award for my work recently. The National Innovation in Training Awards are also know as The NITAs. Heard of them? Let me share a little about what they are. The NITAs highlight the individuals […]

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#LnDCoWork – A gateway to new, meaningful, connections


Last year I had the great pleasure of rocking up to #LnDCoWork. This was something that I had seen being shared on Twitter and, having set out on my own in the freelancing world, I decided to board a train to London and see what it was all about. What is #LnDCoWork? It started off […]

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How different it could have been.


Life is good. I mean really good. For the first time in my professional career I have a better working life than I could ever have dreamed. This afternoon, I had the very great pleasure of sharing a part of me with a room full of CIPD Steps Ahead Mentors in Manchester. I have the […]

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