Coaching Nirvana

People Performance Potential

I sense that there has often been an almost singular imagining of what coaching should be in organisations. It’s held up as though it’s a physical place that we can all journey to. An end state. When we arrive at that place we will each find the same thing. It will be wonderful.

In that sense it’s neither the reality of the world nor the desire any of us should hold. We aren’t looking for the exact same end state. We aren’t looking for the same journey. We are all different and our organisations’ needs, challenges and cultures are all different.

However, what we hopefully can have in common is a desire and focus on using coaching to facilitate the performance, learning and development of ourselves and others.

Embedding Coaching Skills into Daily Conversations to Foster your Talent

This morning’s first session saw Claire Molin (Visa Europe) and Jane Saunders…

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